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It is said that Maltese dogs came from Malta as one of his origins. Some say that his origin can be traced to thousands of years. There is no doubt that one can see the hand of our creator in a gifted dog that is the aristocrat of the toy breed. Maltese dogs are the elite, as well as the one that is becoming popular with all. Drivers slow down or stop to see Maltese being walked down the street.

The Maltese dog is a breed with ancestry and beauty that is not surpassed by others. This breed walks with distinctive elegance. There unique character is gracious and identifiable by their tail curled upward at all times when they walk. Hi catches of the eye of people anywhere. Maltese looks almost unreal, his majestic figure, his long pure white hair, his walking grace together with his friendly, loving approach to people ads so much to his small size that become the attraction even when he is surrounded by bigger dogs. The Maltese has grown in numbers in the U.S. and abroad. Being such beautiful dogs, there are big numbers of people that become Maltese owners. Yet the Maltese has maintained his aristocratic position in a favorite balance with his popularity. Owning a Maltese involves the risk of becoming a Maltese addict. This dog will find his way to your heart and will make you a Maltese devoted lover. He changes the heart of people who do not like pets. I assure you, I have seen this happen many times.

The Maltese dog has all the features that a person may want when looking for a pet; luxury, beauty, fashion, love and companionship. He is a show dog at home, at the park, in the rings, but all over he is gentle with children, always waiting for you, to share with you moments of family life together. Unforgettable memories because he is very very special. These dogs are also great for people with allergies because they are non-shedding and promoted to be the most non-allergic dog. We may have the Maltese you are looking for. Please check our selection.

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